Some how to videos of Micah and Tiger

Hey guys,

So Tiger is heading out to Singapore  *gasp*   It's exciting too though.

Anyways I wanted to get some videos of the head before it goes, so I thought i'd take a video of Micah too.

So here is the workings of Tiger

And here is the workings of Micah

missy omg

Dealing with Loss of a beloved pet

So last week on Monday, I had to put down my beloved cat Mischief - who mostly went by Missy.

She was 16, had been diabetic for 5 years but the past few months I'd just had such a hard time keeping any weight on her - found out she had an abcess/cancerious lump in her cheek that prevented her from really eating.

I've had her since she was 6 weeks old and I was 12, she went through rough high school years, university years and first job years. She'd always been there with me through my bumpy relationship issues with my fiance (pre-finace btw tongue.gif). She'd come when I called, greet me at the door when I would come home, "sing" to me when it was time for bed, wake me up in the morning or snuggle when I got to sleep in. When she got diabetes, I was very lucky I caught and was in a position to treat it. She endured me learning how to take blood from her to test it, let me give her needles with insulin twice a day (and be patient to those looking after her doing the same).

I know I did the right thing, but I still feel so incredibly guilty because I made the call (then confirmed with vets etc) and it's very hard when I come home and she's not there to greet me. crying.gif

I have a little kitten Callisto (ok 1 year old this month but she's tiny!) who I got last fall because she stole my heart and I knew Missy wasn't going to be around too much longer. I wanted to make sure I had a little fuzzy friend to help me get through that loss (and to let fiance experience a kitten - honestly what 27 year old has never handled/played/pet a kitten!).

Although they didn't cuddle or hang out in our eyes, Callie spent all last week waiting by the door - she barely ate or drank - just sat there waiting for Missy to come home. I never though about my kitten dealing with the loss of the older cat since i didn't think they really got along. She started coming around this week and becoming her usual self but it just breaks my heart when i see her looking for Missy when it's time to go to bed since they'd both sleep on the bed with me and fiance. crying.gif

I was doing better last week but this week I'm still having crying for no reason spells (which fyi is very hard to explain when you're counter help at a farm store - where most cats are viewed as pests or farm employees). I've never been like this with any family losses before (grandparents, cousins, fiance's dad, etc) so I'm very much struggling with how to deal with all these emotions. no.gif
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Anime North Updated fun - yeah shh I know I'm late :P

AN was a lot of fun this year ^.^

I got my second commission done for that - behold the Vash coat Version 2.0.  I'm really proud of it because I build it completely from scratch :) (okay i did use a pattern that royally sucked...who pattern doesn't write which parts go together >.<)

Con-G got a table at Anime North and our poster came out super awesome :) We gave out all 500 of our flyers (yes el cheapo black and white photocopies but hey! it worked :P)

All in all it was a good AN (except for sunday - I had a little TOO much fun Saturday night ;)   I loved how my Rapidash came out, the "fire" is just so fun because it blows around soo nicely when the wind catches it :) Although note to self - check your bra/tank top combo before going to a con unless you want to be a tad more busty than you are comfortable with hahaha.

And AN 2010 was my last time Guilmon is going to hit an anime convention (at least with me in it) And there were some great pictures taken of him and I do enjoy wearing that critter :P


Yeah first commission done!

Woot - I finished my first "official" commission so I wanted to share.
I did Medli from LoZ: WInd Waker

So here are some progress pics of the costume

And Ta-Da! The wig still needs to be styled, beak attached to the face and the feet (just socks that have been dyed)

missy omg

Dear Zero - I love you but please no more heartattacks

So Tuesday night at around 10:00 I get the dreaded call from the barn, there is something wrong with your horse. Followed me going OMG!!! WHAT?  Sherry says Zero is standing the back of the field (aka the furthest spot away from the hay) and won't move - it tried to get him to move but he wouldn't.  Luckily for Zero, Taipa just happened to be over and I was like please can we go to the barn right now!!

So we get out there and I go back to the field (Taipa was busy playing with the tiny tabby cat who was preggers) and there is Zero standing in the field, I called, he looked up but didn't move.  I walked over to him, put his halter on and tried to pull him - nope not moving, so i go around behind him and push his bum - nope not budging. He got annoyed at my pulling on him so he backed up and his front right leg was just dragging - it didn't look like he could control it at all.  My heart pretty much did a stop for a second. So i started looking all over his body for swelling etc but because it was pitch dark it was all by feel. I didn't feel anything too weird- although there was some swelling around his cannons  on the leg he refused to move - so i picked it up, flexed it, moved it side to side (aka checking to see if it was broken thinking that he'd get angry/upset if it hurt) Nothing..... I push him a bit an he put full weight on it. 

So I'm super concerned and Taipa ends up walking out (Taipa have I told you lately how much I love you) so she ends up leading Zero with the lead rope and I manually move his leg, say walk on, he walks on and waits again.  I lift his hurt leg and he moves the other ones, I love my horse and his practical brain.  So we proceed to walk from the back of the paddock, down the path back to the barn and into the barn with Sherry and Caitlin coaxing him with some food (he hadn't eaten yet) and me moving that leg every step and being his support if he lost his balance a bit (yes i was a little sore).

We finally get him into the barn and the only thing i see wrong is some slight swelling through his cannons....So i plop some hay in front of his an cold hose his leg (okay maybe it was more like fill big bucket with cold water and make him stand in it), did that for 20 mins, poulticed him, put him in wraps, gave him some bute and then took vitals.  His looked completely normal, his attitude was normal and he wasn't overly panicky about not being able to move his leg.  I look at the clock - it's now almost midnight. So I decide the vet call can wait 8 hours so I can call during regular hours and see if it improves over night.  We walk him up to a stall and make him comfy for the night.

Taipa and I head home, and I proceed to go through almost every book I have to read about muscles, tendons, fractures etc etc and with that I didn't not sleep at all. It was the - oh i closed my eyes for a bit I wonder how much time has passed...oh 3 minutes..hrmm...

SO I head back to the barn at 7:30 in the morning, and beat Sherry to the barn (lol), Zero looks pretty good and was now moving around his stall....and dragging the one leg he couldn't move. So I go call the vet and they say they'll be out around 11.  It's now 8 am, so I help Sherry do chores and turn out, feeding etc, we go say hi to wild guys.  I come back in to check on Zero - he's now sorta walking around his stall - clearly upset by the fact he's been left inside. Durr.... so I take him out and put him on the cross ties to take off his bandages and he's dancing/dragging in the cross ties, swelling is pretty much gone - yeah! So I go take my bandages to put them again and come back to Zero';s who has turned around, got caught in the cross ties, is rearing and jumping around trying to escape...I yell at him and he stops so i can untangle him.  I'm not decided since he can kinda walk, we'll go outside to graze, he can be outside and i don't have to worry about him climbing out of a stall.

So i slowly walk him outside - or as slow as I could get him to walk, and the first step he'd have some issue but with each step his leg seems to work a little better.  So we grazed until the vet showed up and she looks all over him with a fine tooth comb.  Says he's a tough one, as he's not showing and big signs of discomfort. She starts poking around his elbow and Zero makes his oww that kinda hurts face (which is also sometimes his i don't want to stand face...) and I say I think he said that hurts and she was like what? but he didn't do anything, i said he made his face, and she's like wow your horse has a high pain tolerance.

She thinks he pinched a nerve that runs along the back of the leg - based on his attitude, his quick recovery and the lack of any real swelling.  So he's on bute and "chute" rest (they're small paddocks in between the big ones) and has the week off.  If he gets better by the end of the week that's probably what it is, if not or he starts to develop some swelling, she'll come back out with the x-ray and ultrasound machine. 

Phew.....for now.